Over the last 12 months, our Waste Warriors have created a solution culture for becoming a more sustainable school.

"We are not about focusing on problems, the Waste Warriors are about creating solutions for making our school cleaner and more environmentally sustainable” Madeline (Grade 4).

Leading from within the school, in 2019 our Warriors led a commitment to take all packaging from our lunch boxes home each day.  They removed garbage bins from our playgrounds, with the belief these were creating a culture of waste and were no longer needed.  Composting was also introduced.  Although initial attempts were problematic, with the help of Mr Zegveld, a composting bay that is managed by the Waste Warriors is now creating a sustainable solution for organic food waste.  Recycling is also up and running in 2020 too!

Next steps ….

“What is the difference if we put packaging in the bin at home or at school?” Georgia (Grade 3)  is seeking solutions. Watch this space ...