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Why St Cuthbert's?

Our School

Our promise to you

At St Cuthbert's we meet students where they are, or more importantly, we meet them as they are. Together, we embark on a journey with exciting twists and turns, a journey that gives each child the best start in life ...

The Enrolment Process
  • All are welcome
  • Focus on high levels of learning
  • Wellbeing and learning go hand in hand
  • Connected to our community
  • A living faith



hrough the combination of 'teaching' and 'learning', our aim is that students will leave our supportive community as resilient well-educated individuals, with strong values and a lifelong curiosity to learn.

At St. Cuthbert's we share the following philosophical beliefs:
          • Staff have a high belief in their collective ability to improve
          • Everyone has the capacity for high levels of learning
          • We have a 'stage' not 'age' approach to learning and teaching
          • We are highly responsive to student needs
          • We ensure that our students have a clear understanding of what
            success 'looks like' as a learner
          • Learning has clear intentions and success criteria
          • Creativity, curiosity, collaboration, innovation and critical thinking              are found in all areas of learning

Student Centred

Growth Mindset

Learning is meant to be hard and hard work pays off! It’s a place where creativity and critical thinking are nurtured and valued.

Student Diversity

We understand that students learn differently, all with unique talents, ability and capacity to learn.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Relationships between students, staff and families are the key to supporting positive behaviours. Together we strive to;
"Be Safe   Be Respectful   Be Our Best"

Professional Learning Community

Our staff are a Professional Learning Community (PLC). We work collaboratively in ongoing processes of inquiry and action research to continuously evolve as educators and support high levels of learning for all students.

RULER Approach

'Emotional Intelligence' is primarily taught through the internationally acclaimed “RULER” Approach. Developed by Yale University, this approach is based on decades of research that demonstrates the impact of emotions on learning, decision making, creativity, relationships and health.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the walls of a traditional classroom, Bush Kinder, class excursions, school camps, the Grade 6 Canberra experience - exciting, stimulating and challenging learning experiences for our students to grow and learn.

Innovative Learning ...

Agile Classrooms

Creating flexible learning environments is pivotal to our team approach to know and support each student to constantly take the next steps forward as  learners.

Digital Learning

Using technology and age appropriate online platforms enhance student learning at St Cuthbert’s. To support this we provide all students with a device from Prep to Grade 6.

The Arts

Arts education is vital to help foster creativity and innovation. Specialised music and dance programs, and the opportunity for private music tuition, nurture passion for the arts and sharing our gifts and talents through performance.

Bahasa Indonesian

Communication skills in a language other than English foster intercultural knowledge and awareness of language as a system. We study the language, culture and geography of Indonesia,  learning more about our closest neighbours.

Student Leadership

Our programs build a culture where teachers and students work together. Student voice, agency and leadership are understood as inter-related factors that contribute to the notion of empowerment and sense of school pride.

Health & Physical Education

As a community, we work together to provide pathways for our students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes required to lead and promote healthy, safe and active lives.

Trust in God's Love
Our School Motto

Catholic values for today's world...

As a school we continue the development of a culture that is in harmony with the Catholic tradition, the charism of Nano Nagle and the heritage of the Presentation sisters.

At the heart of St Cuthbert’s is a community grounded in the Gospels – shining our own lights to make Jesus real. Our motto, 'Trust in God's Love' is key to all that we do. Father Richard is an integral member of our school community. We regularly share and celebrate God's Word through prayer, liturgy and song.



t Cuthbert’s Catholic School was founded in 1938 by the Presentation Sisters. The first principal, Sr M. Genevieve had an enrolment of 32 students. The original school building, pictured on the right, was sited in the same place as the school today. It also served as the local church on Sundays until 1967 when the current Church of the Incarnation was built for the area in Bay Road. To this day, St Cuthbert’s children continue to worship together as a community on feast days and for masses at the Church of the Incarnation. The Presentation Sisters, along with the many teachers and staff who have, and continue to work at St Cuthbert’s,  have followed the footsteps of Nano Nagle, answering her call to “take care of my schools”...

Leadership Team

Our Staff
Marcus Donnelly
melissa thirgood
acting Deputy Principal
Alicia Parker
Early Years Co-Ordinator
Georgie Fleming
Learning Support Co-ordinator
Rom Fabrizio
Wellbeing Co-Ordinator
Teacher 5/6 Red
Relgious Education Co-Ordinator
TEACHER Prep green
Katherine Dobbie
Key Teacher for ICT
teacher 3/4 green

Office Team

Our Staff
KAren sawyer
Business manager
Sharon West
Business Services Assistant
DOnna Jones
Administration and Finance Assistant

Teaching Team

Our Staff
Kinder Green
Tamika Lowe
Kinder Blue
Stephanie Cripps
Prep Green
Anita Cranfield
Co - teacher
prep blue & Prep Green
KEY TEAcher for Literacy
Brigitte Gralak
Prep Blue
Loretta Osborn
1/2 Co - teacher
teacher - 1/2 Green
Juanita topham
1/2 Green
ethan brighella
1/2 Blue
Simon Treweek
1/2 Red
Chantel Mitchell
3/4 Blue
Deb Williams
3/4 Blue & 3/4 Green
claire Chivers
5/6 Green
Allison Wheatley
5/6 Green
sandy Clark
Teacher 5/6 Red
Physical and Health education teacher

Li Li Lim
indonesian teacher
Louise Volkmann
Music teacher
Callum Brown
5/6 Blue

Support Team

Our Staff
Gina Nichols
Teacher Assistant
Caroline attoni
teacher Assistant
Kathy Tanner
JAcqueline Wills
teacher ASSistant
Lillian Wing
teacher ASSistant
Tania cobern
teacher ASSistant
declan brown
Teacher ASSistant
grade 1/2
Lee carrick
library & teacher ASSistant
grade 1/2
sarah simaan
teacher assistant
grade 1/2 & grade 3/4
teacher ASSistant
grade 1/2
andrew lord
teacher ASSistant
lucy marshall
teacher ASSistant
grade 1/2
faye turner
teacher ASSistant
grade 1/2
josh mcguinness
teacher ASSistant
grade 3/4
Maintenance & WHS Support Officer
tameeka willie
teacher Assistant
grade 3/4
gemma chivers
teacher Assistant
grade 3/4
monique guard
teacher Assistant
grade 3/4
gemma logan
teacher assistant
name surname
job title