Staff and some of our musical Grade 6 students are using their musical talents to learn to play as part of a rock band. Lead by our talented music teacher, Mrs Volkmann, they join together once a week, to make music, develop their skills, to be creative and to have fun.

Students are able to learn and play a number of different instruments. From the drums to guitars, from vocals to marimbas; students work together to learn, play and sing a range of rock numbers.  Mrs Volkmann leads our students and some of our musical staff members, to choose classic and modern songs they can sing a play together.

Mrs Volkmann is a great teacher who know loads of instruments. She is able to teach us how to use them and helps us with things like learning new chords on the guitar. (Josh - Guitarist)

Our students love working on a range of different songs and song styles. It's completely different to music lessons and they like playing and performing alongside the teachers. The group work together to choose the songs they sing and practice and they get to explore a range of .

I like how we can push yourself to play harder songs than in lessons. You get to learn and use different instruments. (Fernando - Drummer)

Look out for our rock band -- performing at a place near you soon!