Mrs Katie Potter

Ms Chloe Williams



n our Prep classroom we feel safe and happy and we focus on us being the best learners that we can possibly be! We pride ourselves on using positive self talk and also speaking and interacting respectfully with our friends.Our Inquiry based approach to learning is exciting and we  challenge ourselves with many varied learning experiences. 

We work collaboratively together - investigating, questioning and exploring the world around us.


Each day express gratitude for someone or some thing

My favourite part was seeing the Wedge-Tailed Eagle named Witchypoo!
Prep Green

Raptor Rescue

As a part of our bird unit of inquiry, Prep Green visited Raptor Refuge. We learned that Tasmania is home to so many amazing raptors, including the fastest animal in the world - the Peregrine Falcon! We saw a real Sea Eagle’s nest and watched Wedge-Tailed eagles eat their lunch.

We discovered that Goshawks love to eat chicken and that Tasmanian Masked Owls have incredible hearing. We are lucky to have so many amazing birds living in our beautiful island state.