Mrs Brigitte Gralak


n Prep Blue we are learning lots of important things! We are learning about how amazing our brains are and the power of positive self-talk. We are also learning that it is okay to make mistakes and that we can actually learn from mistakes.

We are excited to be learning about the ‘magic of letters’, their names and the sounds they make. We are experimenting with writing which we really enjoy.

Each week we walk to Natone Hill for Nature Play. Self−directed outdoor play provides children with vital opportunities to build the foundational skills required to face challenges, solve problems, establish friendships and build self−esteem.

Nature Play creates resilient, innovative and healthy children who have the self−confidence to create their future. 


Individuality makes us different, respect brings us together!

Different languages spoken across our Prep classes!
Different fruits in our classroom for Fruit Break each day!
Prep Blue

Woodbridge Marine Centre

One of our Prep highlights was travelling south to Woodbridge Marine Centre where we had so much fun!

We started our day looking for various sea creatures, exploring the touch tanks, making our own aquariums and feeding fish and sharks! The second part of the day was in the classroom where we rotated around different activities in groups.

The activities included identifying, sorting and comparing the characteristics of dolphins and sharks; looking at different sea creatures under the microscope and grouping them; a physics task involving different shaped objects and some pipe; and lastly observing how different creatures move and categorising them from slowest to fastest.

We learnt so much! We also loved the bus ride there and back!