Mrs Brigitte Gralak



n Prep Blue we are learning lots of important things! We are learning about how powerful our brains are and the power of positive self-talk. We are also learning that it is okay to make mistakes. 

We are very excited to be learning about the ‘magic of letters’, their names and the sounds they make. We are developing our blending and segmenting skills and we are having fun with rhyming words. We also enjoy counting, working with numbers and problem solving. 

Being respectful learners is very important in Prep Blue and we are learning to work collaboratively together. It is important we treat each other with kindness because we want our classroom to be a safe and happy place. In Prep Blue, we make SMART choices!


Start each day with a grateful heart!

letters in our names... and
I liked looking at the starfish holding onto the glass window.
Prep Blue

Prep Blue and Prep Green went on an excursion to the Marine Discovery Centre in Woodbridge. This was part of our Science Inquiry into ‘Living Things’. 

We arrived at the Marine Discovery Centre in time for morning tea. After our morning tea we moved into an activity room. In the activity room we participated in lots of interesting activities. We made badges, a fish print, we used a variety of materials to camouflage a hermit crab, we painted plaster sea animals, made our name with ship flags and lots more.

Next we spent time looking in a large indoor aquarium. We had a worksheet and we ticked off all of the sea animals we could find. After this we went into the ‘Touch Tank’ room and we had the opportunity to touch lots of different sea creatures and make our own aquariums. 

A highlight of the day was feeding the fish in the aquarium and we even got to touch a draughtboard shark!

We had an amazing day and discovered lots of new things about sea animals.