Mrs Jade Vecchione


n Kindergarten we are empowered to explore.

We tap into our innate curiosity coming up with our own unique ideas. We develop our independence and interdependence through play- based learning, working together with others sharing our ideas, thoughts and feelings in kind ways.

We create a sense of belonging and community, developing our responsibility and respect. We love to learn about the world around us growing in our communication, physical, social and emotional skills. We build our knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of areas through intentional teaching and engaging in our rich environment.

Most importantly we have fun and are free to be ourselves.


We feel safe, warm, loved, and special.

I found an ultra-rare… I’m rich!
Kinder Green

Museum Madness

Our Kinder scientists discovered fossils hidden inside rocks from the garden. This sparked an extremely exciting conversation about what else could lie beneath our school grounds. Armed with hammers and digging tool, the children uncovered “dinosaur bones” and “rare stuff”. They phoned the Museum to discuss what they should do next. After an excursion to TMAG, the children then created their own museum in the classroom to display their wares. You can enter for a small fee of 2 gumnuts!

We have learnt about co-operation, investigation, questioning, being respectful, and being empowered.