Mrs Kym Foley


n Kindergarten Blue we are empowered to explore. We tap into our innate curiosity coming up with our own unique ideas. We develop our independence and interdependence through play- based learning, working together with others sharing our ideas, thoughts and feelings in kind ways. We create a sense of belonging and community, developing our responsibility and respect.

We love to learn about the world around us growing in our communication, physical, social and emotional skills. We build our knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of areas through intentional teaching and engaging in our rich environment.

Most importantly we have fun and are free to be ourselves.


We care about playing imaginatively, learning to listen, taking care of ourselves and each other and making new friends.

Dingos are like yellow and orange and they are vicious!
Kinder Blue

We have been using our imaginative minds to change boxes into all sorts of things, from houses, to hotels, to castles and pirate ships.

We have been especially loving learning about the bush and Australian animals. We have talked about different kinds of Australian animals such as dingos, platypus, koalas and cassowaries. We went on an Australian animal scavenger hunt and discovered a lot of animals around the school, using our writing skills to record the animals.

A visit to the sustainable schools’ centre was where we saw Australian animals of all kinds! 

Learning about the different kinds of poo from different Australian animals was so much fun.