Mr Rom Fabrizio

Mr Sandy Clark


n Grade 5/6 Red, we aim to approach all aspects of school life with a positive growth mindset. Our class attitude is to learn from mistakes, take risks and reflect on learning.

We support each other to be the best we can be.

We are W.E.S.T. people: we Welcome others, we Encourage others, we say Sorry and we say Thank you.


Today I offer my work, play, joys, laughs and disappointments.

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I love the Cross Country. It’s so hard but so much fun.
Grade 5/6 Blue

Leading the way at Cross Country

On 7th May St Cuthbert’s headed to Wentworth Park to compete in the annual Cross Country event. This was the first time that it was held at this venue and it certainly gave us the chance to shine!

Grade 5/6’s leadership was on display, from cheering on younger students and helping them to know where the course was run, to assisting staff to pack away at the end of the day.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to “dig deep” and test ourselves to compete to the best of our ability. We were extremely proud of our achievements! We also wish to acknowledge Max, Laura and Maddie, who finished either in first or second place in their age group. 

James and Izak were able to raise the House Cross Country trophy at the end of the day and were gracious in their acceptance speech when congratulating all students, but particularly Rogers House. We loved it!