Mr Rom Fabrizio

Mrs Michele Masters


n 5/6 Green, we support each other to be the best we can be. We are W.E.S.T. people: we Welcome others, we Encourage others, we say Sorry and we say Thank you.

In our class we have a positive attitude and we are encouraged to be independent learners. We have an inquiry approach to our learning and are given the freedom to present our work and solve problems in our own way. 

The best thing about being in our class is that we help each other to be our best. We show kindness and are not afraid to make mistakes. We are given opportunities to show leadership within the school by leading the morning fitness programme and various fundraising activities.


Attitudes are contagious ... is yours worth catching?

semi circular tables
4 rectangular tables
2 tub chairs
I really like doing MJR because it helps me see a different side of life and helps me really think about what I’m doing and what I could do better. It also helps me think about the importance of Teamwork at Home (TAH) and Teamwork at School (TAS)
Grade 5/6 Green

We use MJR (Making Jesus Real) to witness the Spirit of Jesus through the events in our everday lives. We believe that “All day, everyday is an MJR day.” Students are given the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon values and virtues that are fundamentally based on Gospel values.