Mrs Katherine Dobbie

Mr Steve Bentley


elcome to 5/6 Blue

In 5/6 Blue we work closely with the other classes in the 5/6 Unit. Together we learn, share and expect each one of us to be the best that we can be.

In this class we "challenge our brains" and try new things. We take risks and have fun while we are working. We are creative and reflective problem solvers. We learn from each other as well as from our teachers. We try our best and we understand that when we make mistakes we are learning.

As well as learning about Maths, Science and History, we learn how to become leaders of the school and to "shine our light" to show the way for others. We love being buddies to the Kinders and Prep students and we try to set a good example as the eldest students in the school.


You can never know everything; but you can always learn something

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In 5/6 Blue we have amazing students who will welcome and encourage everyone who walks through the door.
MAdeleine Marr
Grade 5/6 Blue

Night of the Notables.

Where else could you have the opportunity to meet eminent scientists, athletic superstars and other heroes from all walks of life?

Weeks of research about a chosen 'notable' individual culminated in a showcase of learning accross the 5/6 unit. Students dressed up as the person they had researched and visitors almost believed they were speaking to the likes of Charles Darwin, Cathy Freeman and Albert Einstein in our school hall. '

"On the night people were really engaged in finding out about my notable.  I enjoyed talking to all the different parents and sharing all the information I had learned" (Niamh Kelly Anderson)

Students enjoyed sharing the impressive achievements of the famous, and not so famous, with everyone. In addition to the time-management and organisational skills  necessary for such a project, we also developed research skills, explored the best ways to engage an audience and planned how to share our findings in a variety of different ways.