Mrs Andrea Watt

Miss Meg Williams


his year a major focus for us in 1/2 Green has been to see ourselves as confident learners. We have had a particular focus on building our growth mindset. Whenever our ideas are different from how we imagined, we try to look to the power of ‘yet’ instead of getting frustrated or giving up.

The power of ‘yet’ reminds us that if we do not know something, or how to do something, it means that we do not know it YET!

This allows us to be able to try out new things, do our best and keep growing as learners.


Learn together, play together, be together.

pictures and drawings we have done in our room
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Grade 1/2 Green

Growing as Artists

In Term 3, we have been exploring acrylic and watercolour paints.  We have learned different techniques that we can use with the paints to create masterpieces.

We used the book ‘The Dot’ as our provocation. It encouraged us to have a go and see where our creative energies would take us!