Mrs Loretta Osborn

Ms Anita Cranfield


elcome to Prep!

In our Prep classroom we enjoy challenging ourselves with a variety of learning experiences. We work collaboratively together - investigating, questioning and exploring the world around us.

We pride ourselves on using positive self talk and also speaking and interacting respectfully with our friends. We are considerate, caring and kind and we try to be our best selves in everything we do! '

Throughout the year we have been focusing on developing our social/emotional skills and expressing our emotions in a safe way. We are all unique and each and every one of us feels loved and valued.


Mistakes are an essential part of learning!

57 vowels  83 consonants
In our first names!
“I thought it was like magic seeing leaves grow out of the the carrots.  They grew so fast!"
Nenyasha mhandu

Living and Non-Living things

Growing before our eyes!

In Science we have been learning about Living and Non-Living things. We have explored what living things need and we have compared the needs of plants and animals. We have had a lot of fun growing snow peas, beans and carrot tops.